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“We’re really excited about the season ahead and welcoming the best fans in baseball back – safely – to Citi Field,” Mets owner, chairman and CEO Steve Cohen said. “We thank Governor Cuomo and the state’s Department of Health for their efforts in this significant step in New York’s recovery from COVID and look forward to continuing to work with them as capacity restrictions and testing requirements hopefully ease in the months ahead – to allow as many fans as possible to have a safe and great time with us.”

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Jeter pulled it off in 2017. He made a deal to run the business and baseball operations of the Miami Marlins despite having just a 4% stake with the backing of money manager Bruce Sherman.

We listed several products below that qualify for the savings, but hurry. Sizes and certain colors are quickly selling out. Shop these looks and more ahead of the April 9 opener against the Washington Nationals.Detroit Tigers Face Coverings

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“I would say absolutely, yeah, I mean this is the best opportunity he’s ever had to play,” Melvin said Wednesday. “I know it’s still spring training, but he’s gotten a lot of at-bats, and he’s playing with the A-group at times, so yeah I’m sure he’s very disappointed.”Chicago White Sox Face Coverings
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Those limitations seemingly will affect Smith’s playing time in 2021. Roberts said Friday that he projects Smith to start “somewhere around 90 games” this season, fewer than the typical starting catcher.Minnesota Twins Face Coverings

Chasing saves is probably the least satisfying aspect of fantasy baseball. Most of the effort we put into this game — and a huge percentage of our FAB resources — are spent on just one of the ten standard stats. It's kinda brutal.

Verdict: The Nationals are giving Robles an opportunity and he seems to be taking advantage. Given his age and upside, he’s a giveaway at the current Yahoo point.
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