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Plus, now all of New England media gets to make reference to Jason Bourne and the Bourne movies, so there’s that.NFL New York Giants Team Face Coverings

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Samuel's most impressive stat this past season was his catch rate (79.4%) that led all NFL receivers and was well ahead of his 56.3% rate the previous three seasons. He also became one of the league leaders on third-down catches for first downs.NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Face Coverings

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Tight ends have certainly risen in prominence around the league -- and in some cases are the focal point -- in the passing game over the past 15 years. Every season since 2007, there have been double-digit tight ends with 50 or more catches in a season, including a high of 20 in 2016. Kansas City’s Travis Kelce (twice), Philadelphia’s Zach Ertz and Oakland’s Darren Waller have topped 100 catches in a season in the past three years.NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Face Coverings

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Stop AAPI Hate released a report Tuesday that said there were 3,795 hate incidents reported to its center from March 19, 2020, to Feb. 28, 2021, which represents "only a fraction of the number of hate incidents that actually occur."

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The Green Bay Packers have come up short in each of the past two NFC Championship Games. Now, they need to make a bold move to reach the Super Bowl.NFL New Orleans Saints Team Face Coverings
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If one were to discuss the Cowboys upcoming free agent quarterbacks just a week ago, the discussion would be drastically different. However, now that Dallas secured Prescott long term, only Dalton is set to hit the open market. Dalton began the season slowly, but the 34-year old finished strong, and showed teams he's till capable of winning games and making the necessary plays. If Dalton is willing to take a team-friendly deal to return close to home, it could benefit the Cowboys. But should Dalton require a substantial raise, or if he wants a chance at a starting role, he'll have to look elsewhere.
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