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But with Porter and Martin showing flashes, the Rockets at least have hope, as well as a developmental storyline for fans to monitor.Memphis Grizzlies face coverings

Brown has always prided himself on his defense throughout his career. Kyrie Irving and other players around the league have felt Bruce Brown’s wrath defensively over the years and last season it caught the eyes of Irving and Sean Marks. When Brown sees an opportunity to guard a player like Kemba Walker – with all the talent he possesses offensively – the former Hurricane seizes it so that he can improve his overall defense.
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Early in the third quarter of the Warriors' blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center, Curry hit Kelly Oubre Jr. for a transition layup. That assist, Curry's second of the game, saw the two-time NBA MVP pass Guy Rodgers as the Warriors' all-time assist leader with 4,856.Denver Nuggets face coverings

The former All-Star saw the team transform into something very different than the Isaiah Thomas-led squad he'd joined in the summer of 2017, and after his recovery it was clearly the Jay's squad moving forward. Blogging recently, Hayward opened up about why he ultimately made the leap to North Carolina: "When I signed, I envisioned going somewhere where I’d have more responsibility and could maximize who I am as a basketball player—or at least, have an opportunity to maximize who I am." "I have that here," he added. "I have the ball in my hands more and I have more responsibility. That’s what I wanted." Mavericks face coverings

[Resim: 0367b5f31d5e20348c7f4f5ef144d338ea510154...50x250.jpg]

That Kaminsky lineup has played 164 minutes together this season, making it the Suns’ second most-used lineup. It boasts a Net Rating of plus-7.3, as well as an 11-3 record in the 14 games it’s appeared in.

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[Resim: 0367b5f31d5e20348c7f4f5ef144d338c0716166...50x250.jpg]

Kemba Walker (left knee injury management) and Tristan Thompson (health and safety protocol) are out for the Celtics. Kevin Love (right calf soreness) and Taurean Prince (left shoulder sprain) won't play for Cleveland.

But now it's a brief jaunt west to face the Warriors before changing direction for stops in Boston, Washington, Toronto and Chicago.Houston Rockets face coverings
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