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Good teams fall short in the playoffs every season, but rarely does it stand to matter this much, when so many teams are going for it all at once and there’s no longer the empiric shadow of the Golden State Warriors hanging over the Larry O’Brien Trophy. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis currently banged up for the defending champs, this is the time for a new team to stake its claim. The candidates are many, but they’ll have to traverse a Western Conference gauntlet to get there.

And after Artūras Karnišovas and Co.’s trade deadline investment, the stakes are high.Washington Wizards

[Resim: new-orleans-pelicans-youth-boys-girls-nb...50x250.jpg]

But most of the players I landed on were veterans, players whose personal style had been solidified by a multi-season career of experience and refinement, adapting what they do best to achieve maximum success (after all, no one except maybe Lance Stephenson played NBA basketball as a purely aesthetic endeavor). But I also found myself intrigued by the idea of young players at the other end of the spectrum. Someone like Ja Morant — whose skill and athletic abilities give him the potential to work with any stylistic element, in almost any medium, and the aggressive enthusiasm to experiment with all of them.
Custom NBA Socks With Face

Here are five takeaways from the Lakers' 110-101 win against the Toronto Raptors in Tampa Bay:Memphis Grizzlies

[Resim: memphis-grizzlies-unisex-memphis-grizzli...50x250.jpg]

Sacramento shot even worse against the Lakers on Friday. With the normally reliable De'Aaron Fox just 5 of 20 and Buddy Hield 3 of 11 from the field -- and the high-scoring duo combining to hit just 1 of 13 3-pointers, the Kings were limited by the Lakers to 42.4 percent shooting.Portland Trail Blazers

“He’s a guy that we had to know where he was at all times in that Houston series because he’s such an elite shooter,” Vogel said. “And like I said, we’re trying to win a championship up here and so as much firepower as we can get, as many weapons as we can get, we’re going to try to get. And Ben instantly elevates our ability to knock down 3s on the backside when double-teams come and we can play the drive-and-kick game that the modern NBA is made on.New Orleans Pelicans

He spent some time in Philadelphia in the hopes of latching on with another NBA team, but has evidently now elected to return to play in the ACB league for the rest of this season with Real Madrid and in both the ACB and Euroleague the next three seasons.
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