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China Pressure Washer Pump


Model TYS-P25
Direct connection and High Pressure Pump with electric motor or gasoline engine
Suction Volume:15-35 L/Min.
Working Pressure:50 MPA
Revolution:750~1200 r.p.m.
Required Power:Motor: 2.2 KW
TYS-P25 have the following advantage,
1.The plunger of this model pump has been done the abrasion resistance hard chrome,the abrasion resistance of these plungers is 3 to 6 times higher than common chrome plunger.So it brings a much better performance for this pump.
2.It is grease free, the oil temperature 20% lower than common models.
3.All screws and bolts are stainless steel material. 100% corrosion resistance in normal environment.
4.The crankcase is made on CNC,with a very high precision.The crankcase is firstly painted,then do fine process on CNC.So it has a longer life and better performance than other common plunger pumps.
5.It is directly connncted with engine,it can reduce the power loss to the rock bottom and bring you the biggest working efficiency.
6.Compared with the other models direct connecting pump which we produce, Model TYS-P25 is the cheapest one,and it is also the most popular model among the all pumps of direct connection type.
Product Features
1. Air Chamber with 304# stainless steel which can resit corruption.
2.2 plungers, steel material with hard chrome coated and plunger diamter 18mm.
3. Pump head made by Graphite Iron makes heavy duty and durable life.
4. Lightly Driving, 2HP of Engine power is suitable to work.
5. Usage for pest control in Gardens, Agriculture industry, Pipe testing ect.
*Power Spraying: An Ideal machine for spraying agricultural liquid chemicals and fertilizers on farms, greenhouses .orchards and fields.
*Water Transport: Capable of pumping liquids up to 3 km over flat ground, or 400 m at a 60 degree incline without consideration efficiency loss.
*Disinfectant Spraying: Used for spraying chemical disinfectant for sanitary applications.
*Fogging in publics: making fog in publics like parks,public waiting areas.
Q: How To Order ?
A: Step 1, please tell us what model and quantity you need;
Step 2, then we will make a PI for you to confirm the order details;
Step 3, when we confirmed everything, can arrange the payment;
Step 4, finally we deliver the goods within the stipulated time.
Q: Do you offer ODM & OEM service.
R: Yes, we can custom design for specific application.
Q: Is OEM and ODM service available?
A: Of course. We have many years experience in OEM & ODM service.
Q: What is your payment?
A: For a Mini order,such like 50pcs to 100pcs,we can accept paypal to pay us; For normal small order, we accept TT payment, and we also accept L/C at sight.
Q: What is the MOQ?
R: 100 pieces, accept sample.
Q: When you ship my order
R: Normally container need 15-20 days, sample 3-7DAYS
Q: When can I get the quotation?
R:We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are urgent to get the price, please send the message on trade management or call us directly.
Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
R:After price confirmed, you can require for samples to check quality.
If you need the samples, we will charge for the sample cost. But the sample cost can be refundable when your quantity of first order is above the MOQ
Q: What is your main market?
R:Southeast Asia, South America,Middle East.North America,EU
Q: Do you have any brands?
A: Yes,my factory has our own brand PHOEBUS for international market and brands SHENMAO,BLACK CAT for domestic markets.
Q: What is your cost control?
A: We consider all the cost seriously.Making best quality cost to our customer is our target.China Pressure Washer Pump
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